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Our closets are like a diary.

They hold our secrets of past indulgences, impulse purchases, lifestyle aspirations, great memories, some poor choices and — for many of us — our hopes for the sizes we wished we were (or to never be) again. Your closet can feel like a burden or be a source of joy when it contains items that reflect your personal style — and which you know how to put together and feel good wearing.

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Closet curation begins with a style consultation questionnaire to help me get to know you and your clothing needs. Then, you choose from four options:

Option #1: Love it, need it, or let it go

Assess your current wardrobe to identify what you love, what you can live without, and what you need. I will guide and help you edit, purge (consign or donate) and find ways to give old pieces a new life.

Option #2: Organize me!

This includes the services outlined in Option #1 but also allows for time to organize your closet to create a better space for you to manage your wardrobe going forward and adhere to your style. Some find this to be a life-changing experience! Plan for multiple-day service.

Option #3: Outfit builder

This is about putting things together. You may have all the right pieces but struggle to pull them together for a coordinated look that reflects your style. Together we can build a collection of outfits and document your options to make getting ready every day (and looking your best) a fun and easy process.

Option #4: Combo package

Includes options #1 – #3. We begin with an editorial purge, organize the keepers and then build out a set of looks using the contents of your “new” closet.

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I hired StyleByNatK to upgrade my closet. I recently moved to a new house and needed help to go through my clothes and reorganize my closet. I wanted to simplify it so it was more functional day by day. I was so pleased with the final product. I will definitely be hiring her to do other closets in my house. It was such an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend hiring her. – Georgiana

Pricing for a Closet Curation engagement is based on an hourly rate (two-hour minimum). We’ll work together to develop a project plan that is aligned with your goals and your budget.