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Personal Definition of Style

Feminine with a playful edge. I always mix highs and lows (a little bit of designer with some Zara).


Go-To Use of Color

I love to pair black with any color pop.


If the Shoe Fits - Pairing Footwear

For me, dresses are best paired with combat boots or sneakers.


When it Comes to Accessorizing

More is always more when it comes to accessorizing. And yes, that includes my manicure. Fun Fact: these nails are never naked!

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Natalie’s path to becoming a stylist

Ten years of training and hands-on experience in the fashion industry have honed my intuitive sense of style but my love of fashion began much earlier. As a young girl I loved sketching designs in a notebook and collaging iconic fashion moments that I saw in movies. As I got older, I was always thinking about how to make fashion part of my future. A high school internship on Nordstrom’s BP Fashion Board cemented my career path to becoming a professional stylist and led me to fully embrace my creative side and explore ways to develop it into something bigger — something I could build a career around.

London calling

I graduated with a BA in Fashion Business from Columbia College in Chicago, which included a study abroad program at the London College of Fashion…a truly life-changing experience. It was here that I witnessed my first Fashion Week, which got my creative juices flowing and compelled me to commit to finding a way to take my love for fashion and styling to the next level. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to explore top fashion capitals of the world — including London, Milan, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. These experiences continue to serve as an inspiration for my approach to styling and a reminder that inventiveness comes from many and varied sources.


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The obsession continues...

In 2013, I returned to Nordstrom’s Chicago flagship store where I advanced (with several promotions and positions en route) from a salesperson to the designer ready-to-wear department manager, leading a team of top sellers focused on relationship building. Along the way, I was honored to be twice nominated to attend “Nordstrom Live” in NYC — where I joined designers, brand stylists, fashion journalists and editors, and other style leaders to explore and celebrate style and innovation. Throughout it all, I continued to learn, be inspired and seek out opportunities to sharpen my styling skills, all while cultivating a clientele seeking help in personal styling and apparel organization.

StyleByNatK is born

In 2020, I embarked on a new adventure, channeling my style expertise and enthusiasm for fashion into my own business. StyleByNatK allows me to focus on my true love — helping others discover their unique style and the self-confidence that comes with this.

I am proud to still be supporting longtime clients who have become friends and friends who have become clients.

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